Bike Riding

bike riding
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We kind like using the mobile phone to post to the blog only problem is that we need to come back and add text because using a mobile phone keyboard is way to slow.

Cycling in Japan is a real transport option for local travel and everyone, including the police, cycle on the footpath. Fortunately the one or three gear bikes don’t go that fast so most pedestrians can dodge potential accidents. It also means that they are no great up hills.

Which was alright because as Lonely Planet described Nara as mostly flat (that description clearly excluded the Hilly Bits where the best toursit attractions were!). Undeterred we made these bikes transport our weary bodies for a day. We’re planning to do the same in Himeji and Hiroshima. I am aiming for a three speed bike this time and working brakes!



  1. Anonymous · April 9, 2008

    Bikes with working brakes in Japan??? Quite the ambitious one, I see. Your first true bike pile up is character building.Tim


  2. Kym · April 9, 2008

    I find brakes help going down a hill. The trusty stick a leg out and drag it along the ground is the next best option. Didn\’t hit anybpdy thankfully! Although the speed at which I cycle in Japan is a fair bit slower than in Adelaide.


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