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These were amazing. We tried to find find the shop that B & T recommended near Hep 5, but we wandered around for 30 minutes or so couldn`t find it – sorry!

That evening after we watched the soccer match, we went to a restaurant near our hotel that made okanmyaki. It had to be good as there was a queue out the front… we waited for about 30 minutes and it was worth the wait.

They are made with eggs and a variety of other ingredients, from meat to seafood, vegetables… and cooked in front of you. They were so good we went back the next day. The camera got steamed up through taking these shots….

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  1. Emma · April 10, 2008

    love this stuff found it in of all places a fashion factory outlet warehouse in an old airport hangar. Delicious. But would rather be in Japan instructions or not looking for more. Emma


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