View of Shanghai… cloudy and rain

View of Shanghai… cloudy and rain, originally uploaded by Helen K.

We’ve been on holiday a week now…. and I can truthfully say it is hot. It is not just hot, it is humid too. It is the kind of weather where you are so hot the sweat is dripping down your back while you are walking.

Even when it rains, it isn’t cool and doesn’t last very long. It reminds me of someone coming along with a bucket of water and tipping it out. If you get wet (and you will because it starts so quickly you haven’t managed to get your umbrella out quick enough), your clothes are dry within 30 minutes, and you are wishing it would rain again.

However, we have seen the wild weather that is currently off the South Coast of China, and hoping that it doesn’t affect Shanghai at least until next weekend, after we’ve left. I’m being slightly selfish as if it rains my shoes, my feet will get wet.

…Well the above was written on the train a couple of days ago while it was hot, and sultry. I take it all back as it is continuing to rain, and rain, and rain. It is the kind of rain where umbrellas aren’t very effective in keeping you dry. However, the days have commenced with a good outlook, but by the afternoon the rain is firmly set in place. According to the weather reports, the rain should be decreasing tomorrow. Fingers crossed!

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