It started off well. The sky was heavy with cloud. Then it rained.

The photos are pretty deceptive.

Thankfully before lunch it didn’t rain for very long. It really wasn’t a long ride to lunch… but who is counting?

In preparing for the ride we have been to this coffee shop in Ardrossan a few times… and it’s pretty good. After lunch Vivienne and I push on to Rogues Point. As you might of expected it rained… that annoying light type of rain which is damp enough to annoy you but not too heavy.

Last year we had done this part of the ride a couple of times… clearly we had not gone far enough given the amount of sand we had to walk through!!

Nice view… but yes this part is better walking than cycling- not that you could if you wanted!

While it was a short ride – certainly a great start. Tomorrow… is going to be a longer day – let’s hope the weather is better.

Here comes the rain again…

It was a day of rain and sunshine.

Day 5

We did admire the persistence of this family – it was raining at the time!

Day 5

But there were times when we saw blue sky

Day 5

While in the fish market it poured.

Day 5
the best plan of the day was to leave the poncho on regardless of presence of rain!


Day 6 - Wakura onsen

Well our weather luck has run out. As you probably are not able to see from the photo it’s raining. It’s not your typical rain which only goes for a short time – this is the it’s going to be raining like this all day, kind of rain.

While we were prepared for this weather when cycling around Noto Peninsula, given where we are we don’t have to spend 60+km in the rain as we can catch the train. Previously we couldn’t of done so. I’m only slightly disappointed, but at least we cycled over 300km! It’s been great fun – despite the hills..!

It’s summer….

Yes folks we’re here in Norway. It’s summer, and it’s due to be 13 degrees today.  There is a huge band moving to the east and.. that explains why we feel instantly back home in winter.  But it’s still beautiful in the rain, and as you can see we are still cycling…

Bakklandet Cafe Soil

Mt. Fuji

On every trip to Japan, I’ve always hoped to see Mt Fujij for longer than a few seconds on a train.  The best view I’ve had was when we flew from China to Japan out an airplane window ,but alas I had no camera near me at the time, you are going to have to take my word – it is much better from above! While I knew we were not staying somewhere near the mountain with a good view this time around , my only expectation was a fleeting glance on the train.  Kym requested a seat on Mt Fuji side of the train from Kyoto to Tokyo and while it was hot and blue skies in Kyoto, I was aware the weather was changing.  Here is the view we had from the train:

Train to Tokyo

Here’s hoping the view on the next trip will be better….

Feeling a little flat..

We are approaching the end of our holiday, and we’re feeling a little bit tired.  The weather is still hot, and we are avoiding looking at the forecasts, given our desire to ride everywhere we go.  Yesterday was suppose to rain all day – but thankfully it only seemed to rain while we were eating breakfast.  Demonstrates forecasts are just that! But I will acknowledge the humidity is wearing us down and when it’s overcast it’s a lot easier to cope with.

Today it’s off to the UNU Farmer’s Market for breakfast.  The coffee was really good a couple of weeks when we visited there, and hopefully we might try out of the wood-oven pizza from the tiny van!


kym pumping tyre in Hotel Niwa