Red thumb – part III (and final!)

Ah… the next day.   We hired a bike, as it looked like a great day!  Little did we know it would rain later that afternoon.

We had to be back near the West entrance of the Shanghai Railway Station around 12 – 1pm to retrieve the confiscated camera (Your camera is not your camera…).  Now as we were cycling, we decided to park the bikes near a subway station, and catch the train there (if you have been there you would understand the 1000’s of people in the vicinity and cycling there is too hard).  Got there… and the expected Police that apparently are always there… weren’t there – oh surprise.  We wandered around looking for the Police and also the Police Station, it was shut for lunch.

We had a phone number to give to the police person, at the railway station, but as there was none in sight, after 15 minutes or so we realised “Hey we have a phone, let’s call ourselves!”.  A few minutes later, a young police officer came to get us and escort us to the behind the scenes area of the station.

In daylight, its a lot less scarier. When we got there, different police were present, but they were still smoking. To get my camera (or not my camera back), I had to sign two pieces of paper, and provide a thumb print over my signature.  The ink was red, hence the title of these series of posts.  For those who had been asking, the camera is safe still in my possession.

Motto of the story is:  In Shanghai, pay more attention to your camera, and undercover police are very smartly dressed.

Finally, I would like to thank the Shanghai police for apprehending and retrieving my camera.

One comment

  1. Kate S · August 25, 2009

    Ahhh..finally the red thumb is explained! Great story guys, sounds like an excellent adventure 🙂


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