Steepest hill!

Coast to coast, originally uploaded by Helen K.

Today was described as generally downhill. However, we literally went 200 meters then started with a 17% climb. Why? Darn good question! We stayed overnight in the town of Stanhope, which was at the bottom of the hill. Accommodation was lovely, and the breakfast set us in good stead for a full days riding. We were told at the off, that they aren’t called push bikes for nothing. Kym did just that, and pushed his bike up the beginning section of the hill. However, I did not waiver and rode. Although I did stop a few time to take photographs, as the view and weather was supurb!

One comment

  1. Kym · July 21, 2011

    I had just eaten a FULL English Breakfast.

    By the way the big climbs on TDF are all less than the 15% we’ve done. That was easy compared to some of our climbs!


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