Homeward bound


I find myself sitting again in the Sakura Lounge in Tokyo, on the last leg (not counting the flight to Adelaide).

Our last day in Tokyo was short, once packed we ventured to Fabric Town (Nippori), which believe me, has a lot of fabric, then on to Sugamo to experience a more reaxed street for shopping then Shibuya for last minute look into Loft, and a music store for a couple of random selections of J-pop to add to our CD collection. Prior to leaving we checked the weather forecast. It stated there would be a 20% chance of showers. In Sugamo, it was sunny, and humid, then it began to rain. The rain was heavy. Kym packed his umbrella, given the forecast, this was understandable. As sharing one small umbrella wasn’t working, we picked up one for 105yen or 100yen before tax from the 100ye shop.

Sugamo was a delightful area with a friendly and easy shopping street. Very little in the way of English menus. It always helps when a delightful man popped out speaking English and helped us to decipher the menu on the ticket vending machine helping Helen avoid natto on soba. Those familiar with Japanese food will understand Helen’s relief (yes the person typing this post had changed from Helen to Kym – this is to allow Helen to experience the pleasures of the shower rooms of the JAL Sakura Lounge – just let me say that they are better than most hotels.)

Before I finish this post to go get some snacks, I would like to again thank Gaku and Ryoko our friends from Tokyo for making our stay so much fun, especially the “maniac” cycling on Muji bikes.

Until we’re back in Australia this is Kym and Helen signing off.

One comment

  1. David · August 5, 2011

    Helen is right. Natto, no thanks. Good to hear you enjoyed your travels. Sayounara!


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