Maison Pompidou

You may have seen the modern masterpiece in Paris – the Centre Pompidou. But did you know that a similar masterpiece is in the making in Peterborough, Ontario Canada. H’s cousin, C, has spent much of his recent life restoring a 1940s house. But, this is not just brining it back to original condition. It is art. Where else can you see plumbing work that looks like this.

Red for Hot and Blue for Cold
Maison Pompidou
Each line gets its own shut off valve
Maison Pompidou
If anyone wants similar work, I am sure C is available for consulting. Just drop us a note on the comments page.

C king of the concrete pile
King of the castle


  1. Emma · May 18, 2013

    Looking great Chris. Thanks for sharing K


  2. Peter Sheppard · May 20, 2013

    Where do they all go? Heating?


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