Night New York Bike Ride

Yes, it is true, we are back from our holiday. But sometimes you realise that you had so much fun, that you forgot some important posts. So, here is the first of a number of catch-up posts that I will make to the blog – so that in the future, I will remember what I did!

Certainly one of the highlights of our trip was a 6 hour night bike tour of New York. We saw a lot of lower Manhattan and experienced the different night life in these areas. The tour is operated by Bike the Big Apple.

While it was a cool night, it was clear and dry – making for some good photographs. I was testing the limits of my Canon EOS M. Greater camera if you can wait for it to focus – whassup Canon? As you will see below, it operates surprisingly well in low light.

Riding the backstreets of China Town
NYC night bike tour

Alongside the Brooklyn Bridge
NYC night bike tour

Riding up the Brooklyn Bridge
NYC night bike tour

Skyline from the Brooklyn Bridge
NYC night bike tour

No Cars on Wall Street – but Bikes are o.k.
NYC night bike tour

I prefer NY traffic over Adelaide traffic.
NYC night bike tour

Washington Square Arch
NYC night bike tour

The Standard of the High Line
NYC night bike tour

Times Square
NYC night bike tour


  1. Jonny · June 8, 2013

    Great shots kimbo.. Helen, can’t wait to flick through yours 🙂
    Very jealous!!


    • Kym · June 8, 2013

      I hope to have the full slide show finished soon.


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