Gunzels unite!

After arriving in Nagoya and dumping suitcases at the hotel (because in Japan you can not check-in before 3), we jumped on the train and headed out to Kinji-foto where we visited the SCMAGLEV and railway park.

From the start it is a very impressive museum devoted to the history of train travel and Shinkansen. It contains aversion of all 39 Tokadio Shinkansen, conventional and maglev rolling stock on display. There are a lot of exhibits explaining how the technology works. A number of the trains you can walk on and look at the interior, as well as around. A large number of the information panels featured English, in addition to options to press buttons and turn handles :). According to the exhibit, the maglev should be operational by 2027…. Something to come back and experience!

There were a number of people and school groups visiting – and popular with people. We certainly had a good time – it’s worth going.







It is located in an industrial part of Nagoya, where you have fabulous view of the port and harbour. Adelaide pales into comparison!





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