Sad demise of trolley buses in Wellington

I was excited by seeing trolley bus infrastructure in Wellington. This was only to be met by sadness on finding the news that Wellington Council plans to shutdown the entire network by 2017. I can tell you that diesel buses impose negatively both in terms of noise and particulate pollution on downtown Wllington. Here is to hoping that the proposed diesel electric buses are run in electric mode in the downturn area. Perhaps, they are better, only time will tell.

Trolley bus infrastructure


  1. Mary Pemberton · October 25, 2015

    At least you got to enjoy them before the change. I am trying to remember where we saw them and I think it was Sarajevo where the rolling stock for all public transport was a hodge podge of old stock from other countries sent to replace war damaged stock


    • Kym · October 28, 2015

      The problem is… I haven’t seen one yet… I’ll try to get a ride when we return.


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