Fabulous views

The west coast of New Zealand is pretty stunning. We had a great room which overlooked the Shotover river. While in Queenstown we had a great time doing the Shotover jet boat which goes at amazing speeds close to the rocks – totally eexhilarating!  We also took the gondola up to top of the mountain and too a couple of turns on the luge up there.  Sorry to disappoint people, but we gave the bungee jump a miss!


Will post more photos when internet is not flakey.


  1. sally dowling · November 2, 2015

    wow! what an amazing view from your room! Definitely need to get the name of that place Kym.


    • helen · November 3, 2015

      The place as Nugget Point… we were lucky as we got a room upgrade when trying to book online and it wouldn’t work, and got the view side as a bonus!


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