Yesterday was a long day, as it involved a 4+ hour drive from Dunedin to Christchurch.  Can’t say I am fond of the road (oh the bumpy bridges!) or the cars who sit too close to you when you are travelling at 100km per hour.

On the bright side on the way we stopped at the Morreaki Boulders.  


I thought they were great… But I suspect Kym thought there would be more given the signage.  They are pretty impressive and certainly worth the stop.




  1. Anonymous · September 25, 2004

    You should be more careful about where you park your car then!It is a pity about the heat, but at least any souvenir T-shirts you buy will have an immediate use.L^2


  2. edward · September 26, 2004

    cold weather in Canada? It\’s been in the high twenties all week…great boating weather and there is a hint of fall coloursSpeaking of boating…when\’s the first cruise?


  3. Anonymous · September 27, 2004

    you really expect us to be sympathetic about the heat – I dont think so, try showers and cold winds in Spring in Adelaide. Marie


  4. Anonymous · September 27, 2004

    Hmm, having some problems here in San Francisco let\’s try that again.We\’ve had some further parking problems in Santa Cruz, we hope the parking ticket is not in the mail. The t-shirts and shirts are coming in handy and we\’ve had our first wash stop so they should last us to the colder states.The weather is quite variable depending where you are, we\’ve had brilliant bright blue skies and dense fog in a matter of minutes of driving.Our first Canadian boating trip is on the Victoria Clipper to Victoria, our second is to Vancouver. The third only a certain person will know!!!! We look forward to finding out.Kym


  5. Anonymous · September 27, 2004

    Power won Grand Final, fortunately Vince away till Friday


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