A little early…

Pleased to report the flight was uneventful…. Apart from a little turbulence (mum you would of enjoyed it) at the time of serving food.  We were able to watch the Japanese movie “An”, which is only screening twice  in Adelaide (lovely film, which may make you cry).  Kym managed to sleep for about 5 hours…and I think I was asleep for 4.  The flight we were on reached Tokyo at 5am, great for that business meeting, but for holiday makers a little less useful.  After a couple of transfers, walking in circles, loosing a suitcase down an escalator to an inspecting tourists we finally got to Tokyo station found suitcase lockers and decided to walk around  – it was around 7:30.
Coffee in a can

Ginza is a great shopping street… even for window shopping. There were not many people on the streets – unusual to see it so quiet.

We were able to navigate ourselves around given previous visits… and eventually back to the train station. 


  1. Mary Pemberton · April 24, 2016

    I loved AN, been telling everyone to see it since last year’s film festival. saw anther charmer the other day OUR LITTLE SISTER


    • helen · April 25, 2016

      It is truly a great Japanese film… We will have to look for it when we get back. ?


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