On the Brompton…

The aim of today was to see Mt Fuji – with our Bromptons.  

Reading the weather forecast yesterday, we saw it was going to be 21 degrees and clear skies until the afternoon – perfect time to go!

We got up early… And left hotel by 7am… To make the train to Shinjuku… And a very quick change to a limited express (which runs infrequently) to Otsuki. It took 2 hours to reach Lake Kawaguchiko, but we didn’t mind as the view was spectacular.

We decided to cycle around the entire lake (approx 20kms).  It was a combination of cycle/walking paths to roads. Even when we had to go on the roads, the drivers gave us over 1 meter of space. Nice! Majority of the paths were in good condition, only rough in a few places.

We stopped in a couple of spots to take photos, and eat lunch. We finished the day by going up the rope way for a view of Mt Fuji. 

All round the weather was fabulous, and the views magnificent.  We can now say we have seen Mt Fuji… finally!  Another bonus was we also made it back in time for the train with good connections back to Tokyo.


  1. L^2 · April 27, 2016

    Nice pictures! Much nicer weather than the dust storm we had today. Bet you’re jealous you missed it.


    • helen · April 27, 2016

      Er… No you can keep it!


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