On holiday when travelling with others it’s important to do a mix of what each other wants.  Today it was my choice to go to the Harry the hedgehog cafe! I booked it online (very simple).

It was pretty easy to find… as we had parked our bikes near-by by chance.

Hedgehog cafe Tokyo
Naturally, Kym mastered the art of picking them up and then placing them in the ball position.

Hedgehog cafe Tokyo

The cafe also sells them as pets, as it is allowed in Japan.

Hedgehog cafe Tokyo

We must have caught the off peak time (between 1-2), as not many people were present.

Hedgehog cafe Tokyo

This one is a year old. He eats a lot, and should do more exercise on his wheel… but he doesn’t!

Hedgehog cafe Tokyo

Staff were friendly and had good English, and answered questions about the hedgehogs. It was pretty good fun!

Hedgehog cafe Tokyo


  1. Pam · September 12, 2017

    That is adorable! I believe them to be Pygmy African Hedgehogs which can be kept as pets. Apparently though they do smell and can bite! I still think they are the cutest things!


    • helen · September 13, 2017

      Yes kym agreed – they can bite!


  2. Sonya Gepp · September 13, 2017

    Oh my goodness! Ador- a -bubble!! And an Albino one too! Wish I Could have one as a pet.


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