Day 1

A short 46 km from Hodatsu to Togo on the Noto peninsula.
Day 1
Helen insisted on doing the 8km leg on the beach. We had to find enough compact sand to make sure that we didn’t fall off. Fortunately, there was a pleasant beach stand that manage to sell beer and very fresh seafood. The clams and squid were awesome. We then continued on a specialised bicycle path, which at some point, we thought had been completely forgotten. For weeks I have been looking forward to visiting Sucre Plage patisserie. But when we got there we learnt it will shut every Wednesday. We were very disappointed. Perhaps, next time. From there we rode through a number of cute little fishing villages. As you might expect, this involves some climbs and some descents. By about 4:30pm we arrived at our destination.
Day 1
Dinner was fantastic at the family run ryokan. I can only show you the dessert perhaps Helen can show you more.

Day 1


  1. Helen & Tony Goerecke · April 19, 2018

    Magic sunset, weather looks ideal for cycling, food shots fabulous


  2. Mel Semmler · April 19, 2018

    Looking forward to next update 🙂 xoxo


  3. Inta Yates · April 26, 2018

    wow, clams, squid and beer for lunch on the beach


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