Congestion Status

Sometimes when the other blog author is posting, I am doing useful things like washing the few clothes that I have. Fortunately, Hotel Niwa has recently made that experience better.

Congestion Status

Without leaving my room. I can now find out if the washing machines and dryers are available! Hotel Niwa is great for having a washing machine. I hate hotels that want to charge $3 to wash one underpant.

Congestion Status

More importantly, I can find out if the massage chairs are occupied.

Congestion Status

Also, if the breakfast room (which we don’t normally go to) is busy or not.


Normally, it’s coffee at Glitch. I am on to my third loyalty card!!


  1. Mary · April 29, 2018

    Ah yes, but can you ensure unchanged status by the time you get to them?


    • Kym · April 29, 2018

      Yes, that could be a problem.


  2. Inta Yates · May 8, 2018

    Wow !!


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