New frontiers

Today is wet. A no ride day. We’ve decided to venture to new places beyond the city centre. This time we’re lunching on Newland Avenue.


It is close to Hull University. The street is filled with cafes and shops that attracts University types. Today, I am eating VEGAN cauliflower and chickpea curry @ the Barista Cafe. This is being washed down by some fine Belgian Beer.

Helen is enjoying a piccolo latte and peas and cheese. I can tell you they taste good too. This one comes from the “all day” breakfast menu. Almost feels like home.

We were motivated to come to Newland Avenue by the search for a good bakery. We found one! Maybe some pictures in our next post?


  1. Vince Duffy · October 12, 2019

    No peas for me! Vince


    • kymdt · October 12, 2019

      You’d love the food here! Vegetables are optional.


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