Kawagoe ride with Brompton Friends

Helen has already posted on this one. But given its a rainy day in Hull. I thought I would add some of my own photos and comments.

The ride started at Ukimafunado station and we then followed a vehicle free route along the Ara-Kawa river prepared by our friend.

Cafe Via

For lunch we stopped at Cafe Via a cycling cafe. Which has great food and coffee, friendly hosts and a relaxing location. Unfortunately, we’ve heard they were flooded by the massive typhoon that just hit Japan. Our thoughts are with them and hope that they are well and that their business recovers speedily.

Ice cream

Our ride continued to a farm that makes very fine Japanese ice cream. I had the very best of Japanese flavours – Matcha and Red bean.


Kawagoe is a popular edo-period town near Tokyo. It takes ordinary people 30 minutes or so to get there. We took a little longer by bike. This was our first visit. We enjoyed the little time we could spend here this visit. I am sure that we will be back – on our Bromptons on way or another.

Thank you too our friends in Japan.

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