Day 3: Slow Tour of Yorkshire

Scarborough to Whitby

A picturesque, and a times treacherous, 35 km ride through the Yorkshire Moors.

The North York Moors is

  • a special place
  • one of Britain’s extraordinary places
  • an upland area in North Yorkshire

The Cinder Track follows the former railway from Scarborough to Whitby. In parts it is in a terrible condition, so much so that it is nothing more than a mud bog, There are plans to improve the track and spend some money that it desperately needs. Surprisingly, there are local objections to widening the track.

In its current conditions you need to double the time you expect to complete the track in. I do not have any photos of the worst paths. We were just trying to stay on our bikes.

I would highly recommend eating at a pub along the way. Whitby is a tourist town and if the weather is fine will be over-crowded.

The views, however, make this ride a must do.


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