Day 7: Slow Tour of Yorkshire

Hull to Fort Paull

Day 7 sees the Slow Tour return to Hull for start on a special route created by us based on bike maps and Google. The route leaves from Hull on a rail trail towards Hedon ending at the Fort Paull Musesum, which is:

  • Yorkshire’s only remains Napoleonic fortress.
  • a gun battery situated on the north bank of the Humber.
  • full of Underground tunnels and rooms.
  • the home to the world’s only remaining Blackburn Beverley aircraft.
  • in need of renovation badly, a clean up with a duster wouldn’t harm the place and a fresh lick of paint.
  • very interesting and informative about the history and uses of the site.
About 21km according Strava


The ride starts in the old town of Hull. We stayed at the Hideout Hotel in the old town – well located near markets and good food.

The ride moves to the Museums Quarter of Hull, with the Streetlife Museum, William Wilberforce House and the Hull and East Riding. We checked these museums out as part of this ride.

The ride towards Hedon is mostly traffic free following the Humber River east. Thus taking in some industrial sites including the Siemens factor making wind turbines. The route then transfers to a rail trail, after a crossing the busy A63 road.


After crossing over the rail line with a bridge, the rail trail starts of quite well with a pleasant tarmac surface. About halfway along, however, it turns to a very narrow mud track, great fun if you have a BMX. This where Google let us down – the Sustrans paper map did have an exclamation mark on this part of the route suggesting that it might be rough!

Hedon is a pleasant village with a nice church and shopping area. It has all the services (and a range of barbers) that a local village needs. I had a Hawaiian gammon for lunch!

This was quite tasty – almost as good as my cooked ham


Paull is a Humberside village that includes the Fort Paull Museum. I think the dot points above fairly summarise this place. Below are some photos for you.

We caught the 79 Bus back to Paragon Hull interchange. Be careful they are infrequent.


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