Washing machine incident…

When in Birmingham we stayed in a place with a great view. While it was small it also had a washing machine! Woohoo – always an added bonus on holiday. On our last night we decided to use it. They are simple machines after all. Once it had completed the cycle and drained etc… we opened it and water came spilling onto the floor in front. Okay maybe it hadn’t drained… despite indicating it had. Sigh. At this point tee put it on the drain setting twice more – eventually it drained.

The machine was one of those fancy washer-dryers. Set it to dry the clothes… and guess what – yep it didn’t do a great job as they were still damp so hung these up in the room. While this was going we had put the towels on the wet carpet to remove water. You can imagine how wet the towels were after this exercise. We decided to attempt to dry these in the dryer- which also didn’t work well. We resulted to putting these on the towel rail – which was pretty hot, but didn’t really dry them either.

One we had attempted to remove as much water as possible from the carpet, Kym used his work knowledge to the problem and we put the fan in the room focused on the carpet to attempt to dry it out (hair drier was not going to cut it.).

The next morning the clothes were put through the dryers again, as were the towels. The carpet was still damp in places, so the fan was put on again – until we checked out. Did it help – yes, it was still a bit damp but not as bad.

All I want to know …who puts carpet under and in front of a washing machine?


  1. Helen Goerecke · November 4, 2019

    I recall a similar experience years ago in a Paris apartment – one of these new fangled machines which supposedly did one’s washing and then drying. In principle a great idea when in digs several stories up with no outside area to hang absolutely anything.. A ,mistake to wash your only good pair of jeans the night before you wanted to wear them yet again the following morning!

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    • helenhmk · November 4, 2019

      Yes – Kym had both pairs of pants in! Thankfully they were ok the next day. They really are ineffective machines…


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