Third day on the bike is always the hardest…

After years of bike touring I know this to be true. You realise you are on the seat for a number of hours.. and you haven’t quite adjusted to the pace. This is how I felt today – but the weather certainly made me feel better.

Just look at the road.. it was like this for the majority of the day

But despite the corrugated roads… of which there were many (seemed never ending) it was good. I made it up this hill without stopping… not that you expected anything less from me.

As you can see there certainly was not many people around. But on the ride we did manage to meet another cyclist on the road who was in an ebike. Brian was cycling from Edithburgh to the lighthouse and return. He stayed with us for a bit and we chatted about bikes and past rides. always good to meet a fellow cyclist on the road!

The cyclist route separated from the walking route… and rejoined for shelter, and it was where we ate lunch early afternoon…

Thankfully.. after this we had about 8+km to go… but it felt longer with all the corrugations! Apologies to my ride companions for the complaints today – here’s to a better ride tomorrow!

One comment

  1. Helen Goerecke · September 9, 2021

    Very scenic and excellent weather for cycling but those corrugations!


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