News from the TV…

Japanese/Korean TV has certainly been interesting. How many people can you place on a TV show panel?… I counted 8.

However the CNN news ticker announced a few days ago that “Bejing is to host the 2008 Olympic Games”. Obviously first in the know!

Here in Seoul at the hotel we have access to the Armed Fornces network… now theres exciting TV. All types of information is provided from avian flu, to updates on the different war areas America is involved in around the world. There was even an add for the library at one of the bases… surprisingly enough they stock DVDs, magazines, and computer games.

Itinerary is printed and complete…

After a couple hours of adding details of which libraries to visit in Japan sitting in the afternoon sunshine… the itinerary is now complete and printed. Hooray!

Only time left to panic regarding clothing. The weather in Japan and South Korea varies from 10 degrees to 20. Although the links from our blog tells me that currently it feels more like 9.

At least the shops are open tomorrow if I get desperate.


Just in case we hadn’t told you…. we’re on holiday! But we are guessing that you probably have noticed the lack of us being at our desks at work.

I hope it is just as clean when I get back!

closeupof desk.jpg

Incase you wanted to know… here is our itinerary:

Night of Location

22-Sep LA

23-Sep Drive

24-Sep Drive

25-Sep Drive

26-Sep San Francisco

27-Sep San Francisco

28-Sep San Francisco

29-Sep Drive

30-Sep Drive

1-Oct Drive

2-Oct Drive

3-Oct Portland

4-Oct Seattle

5-Oct Seattle

6-Oct Victoria

7-Oct Vancouver

8-Oct Vancouver

9-Oct Vancouver

10-Oct Kamlaps

11-Oct Jasper

12-Oct The Crossing

13-Oct Banff

14-Oct Calgary

15-Oct Bowmanville

16-Oct Bowmanville

17-Oct Bowmanville

18-Oct Montreal

19-Oct Montreal

20-Oct Moncton

21-Oct Prince Edward Island

22-Oct Prince Edward Island

23-Oct Prince Edward Island

24-Oct New York

25-Oct New York

26-Oct New York

27-Oct San Diego

28-Oct San Diego

29-Oct LA

30-Oct LA

31-Oct Leave LA for Adelaide

2-Nov Arrive Adelaide

Our hope is to post some snippets and pictures here for your viewing and reading pleasure.

You will note that these posts are in Los Angeles time.