Itinerary is printed and complete…

After a couple hours of adding details of which libraries to visit in Japan sitting in the afternoon sunshine… the itinerary is now complete and printed. Hooray!

Only time left to panic regarding clothing. The weather in Japan and South Korea varies from 10 degrees to 20. Although the links from our blog tells me that currently it feels more like 9.

At least the shops are open tomorrow if I get desperate.


  1. Amethyst · March 23, 2008

    I know you would have finished your packing by now and be on the plane.Happy Easter to you both! Did you get any chocolate on the plane or at the airport?I\’m sure you\’ll enjoy the weather, especially after the history making heat wave we\’ve endured in SA


  2. Amethyst · March 23, 2008

    Oh and I\’m so glad you are going to visit some libraries in Japan, I\’m sure you\’ll take some great photos and have a productive time.


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