It started off well. The sky was heavy with cloud. Then it rained.

The photos are pretty deceptive.

Thankfully before lunch it didn’t rain for very long. It really wasn’t a long ride to lunch… but who is counting?

In preparing for the ride we have been to this coffee shop in Ardrossan a few times… and it’s pretty good. After lunch Vivienne and I push on to Rogues Point. As you might of expected it rained… that annoying light type of rain which is damp enough to annoy you but not too heavy.

Last year we had done this part of the ride a couple of times… clearly we had not gone far enough given the amount of sand we had to walk through!!

Nice view… but yes this part is better walking than cycling- not that you could if you wanted!

While it was a short ride – certainly a great start. Tomorrow… is going to be a longer day – let’s hope the weather is better.

One comment

  1. Helen Goerecke · September 7, 2021

    🚴‍♀️Happy cycling in better weather today. I got caught in a long, heavy shower when walking with my friend, Anne at the weekend getting thoroughly wet and bedraggled – but one dries out and a coffee certainly helps! Enjoy cycling Southern Yorke with your friend


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