LA Downtown

LA has been added to our list of US downtown areas that change character within a matter of a block. We caught the 16 to downton LA. Like the buses in Washington DC there is a very specific customer group. I doubt many tourists use public transport.

We got of in the wrong block, it reminded me more of Cuba (the rundown glory) than the richest nation in the world. Fortunately, we got our bearings and are now in the extremely pleasant and extensive LA Central Public Library.

I am about to head off searching for the funiculair. After, we will catch the Metro to Hollywood.. Need sleeep!

Tomorrow we head North.


  1. edward · September 26, 2004

    i see you just can\’t stay away from public transportation; wait til you see Bowmanville\’s new transit system 🙂


  2. Kym · October 1, 2004

    I look forward to the fusch-mobile.


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