On the plane

On the plane….

Just in case you wanted to know what we ate (also so I can get rid of a piece of paper) we had:


Green leaf salad with herb Vinaigrette

Coq Au Vin – Chicken with red wine sauce (kym)

Braised beef with potatoe mash & peas (Helen)

Cheese and Crackers

Snack bag was provided:

Magnum Ice Cream

Cheese sticks

Museli bar

Bottle of water

Chocolate bar

Mint lollies


Helen – continental breakfast

Orange juice


Muffin (which really did taste like it hadn’t been cooked, but Kym liked it)

Seasonal melon in fruit syrup

Kym – hot breakfast


Seasonal melon in fruit syrup


Spinach egg cake with slow roasted tomatoes (which he really liked)

We watched:

The Day after tomorrow

Shreik 2

Friends and some other comedy crap!

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