Fort Bragg Public Library…

Fort Bragg was interesting. Not alot was open at 9pm.

There was a coffee shop – which was not Starbucks and was packed! After having a Mocha each we wandered around the downtown… and of course there was a library! Thankfully this opened at 10am.

Okay, so it wasn’t a new slick looking library. Collections seem well located. There was even a separate children’s area – pretty good too! The staff were friendly, helpful and chatty. All the qualities you like of your local library staff – given it is a small library. They were due for an upgrade in their computers in the next week (11-15 October) – which they need!

Check out their website”>

We left the library (after purchasing a library bag), and 20 minutes later I discovered we left our camera card at the library.. back we drove and it was still there. Ah… I just love country towns.

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