Hello from Sunny Langlois Public Library, Oregon

We crossed the California/Oregon state border last night and stayed at Brookings Harbor, a working fishing port. But it looks like it is starting to have a tourist boom especially at the opening of the Salmon season. Lots of tinnies out on the pacific! (Well some of them are bigger!)

Some observations for those of you in election mode. There are NO election posters on the US equivalent of stobie poles, they all seem to be in windows or on poles in the ground on private property. There are, thankfully, no photographs of the candidates and they seem to be electing everything and every proposition at once.

Oregon is good because there appears to be very little in the way of sales tax, unlike California. We were charged 79cents tax last night on the accomodation, but nothing on the food and postcards.

We’re on the 101 now, along the Oregon coast. It starts out foggy but that tends to burn off.

I was hoping to upload some photos of the lighthouses we have seen, but these “Gates Foundation” computers have frustrated me again, it won’t install because I don’t have privelges – I was hoping that the computer would treat my camera like a memory key, but it is trying to treate it like a camera – surprise! Oh well, you may all have to wait until we get to the Bowmanville Internet Cafe for pictures.

Hope spring is good for you guys.


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