Lighthouse count…


Brookings Bay Harbour to Albany (all in one day mind you!)

Pelican Bay Lighthouse

Some one actually built a lighthouse into their house. It is located in Brookings Bay Harbour which is where people go on holiday and you can actually stay there. However, we did not given it costs $160US!!!

Cape Blanco Lighthouse

6 miles off Highway 101, in Bullards Beach State Park. Cost was $4US each. For this we received an explaination of how it came to be in the current location, the modifications made (the wind kept coming in the door so they moved it but it faced North and the wind effect was worse- it still came in the door – so they added on a little foyer structure!!)> We even were able to walk up and see the lense.

Coquille River Lighthouse

Sad lighthouse that doesn’t have a light. They are trying to raise money for it to be restored. Currently is an interpretive centre about the history of the lighthouse. It was decomissioned in 1939, following improvements to the river channel and other navigational aids. Strangely enough this was about the time when the lense went missing.

Umpqua River Lighthouse

We just made the last tour of the day for this one – which was lucky as we were stopped on the freeway fro at least 20 minutes due to a car fire – no not ours! You should of seen the gift shop – it was jam packed with lighthouse models from all round the world, not to mention practially anything that has a lighthouse featured on it. The one that stands presently is the second one – as the first was built on sand and went into the ocean in 1861. The tour was great, even got to look inside the lens – as it has both white and red illuminated flashes. Bargain tour for $2US each!

More information on Oregon Lighthouses can be found at

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