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  1. helen · October 9, 2004

    Sigh… the main reason we stopped at the library was to use the \”washroom\”. When you are on the road the only place I can think of is fast food outlets (not that great), and libraries. the \”washrooms\” are usually clean and easy accessible – as you do not need to be a customer.Given that we were there I thought I would ask about library bags. HK: Hi, I work in a library in Australia and I\’m on holiday at the moment, I was wondering if you happen to sell library bags – apart from the plastic ones (it went something like that – nice and chatty 🙂 )Librarian (stands up from seat at the reference desk and walks around the counter): oh… er… okay… well I know that we have thought about it (looks around), but I don\’t think so, sorry. Goes and sits back down behind the desk.HK: okay thanks anyway.They also had a large \”Friends of the library\” booksale happening in the rooms adjacent to the foyer. When I looked at the prices andthe stock I can see why they weren\’t added to the collection. Also it made me realise that the majority of libraries in Adelaide should increase their booksale prices!


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