While driving along yesterday….

… the freeway back from the Hecta Head Lighthouse towards Florence (okay I know odd sounding name for a town – which is why wee passed through. Apologies to those people who actually knows anyone who lives there), I was driving the car and at the time there were no-other cars on the road and it was about dusk…. we saw a black bear!

I am not joking. The Bear in question wandered out into the middle of the road, I slowed down, he turned and saw the car shook his head and turned away and ran off into the trees. We were about 200-300 feet infront of him. Unfortunately Kym didn’t get the camera out in time.

Upon speaking to a few people who live in America (we’ve only asked a couple so the sample size is small), this is apparently quite rare.

Why does everything happen when I am driving??!!!#$

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