Portland and Seattle

We’ve arrived in Seattle. We’ve come to the awesome library looking for comments, but appears as if everyone is asleep, or they find our blog boring! Sorry!

Portland public library was built at the turn of the century and is very elegant. Portland itself is exceptionally pretty and its Japanese Gardens and International Rose Garden is quite beautiful. For those public transit buffs amongst you the the Max light rail cars that trundle through downtown and then onto a highspeed subway are very impressive.

Mr Rann is basing his efforts around Oregon, in most cases there are things that we can learn. For those Sushi Train devotees we went to Todai in Portland a “all you can eat” Sushi Buffet. Truly dangerous territory.

We left Portland at around 7:00 and arrived in Seattle at about 10:30am. The I-5 was pretty free flowing most of the way we missed both peak hours (Portland and Seattle). We drove buy Mount St Helen, but couldn’t see a thing because of the persistent fog that the West Coast seems to be covered in. That was bit of a bummer, so like you we are watching it from TV.

We have contemplated particle masks, but we have been reliably advised, by the the hundreds of tv news bulletins, that that the wind will not be blowing our direction!


  1. vivienne · October 5, 2004

    Hi Kym and HelenToo busy on a long weekend to read your blog!! But I have thought of you, with news of St Helen\’s volcano stirring – still just a bit of huffing and puffing at the moment. I looked up Portland and Mt St Helen\’s in the atlas – v close. But now you are in Seattle, so a bit further away from the action. So, I have a few more places to look up in the trusty atlas tonight.Life goes on as normal….


  2. Kym · October 5, 2004

    We drove past St Helens today, but unfortunately we could not see anything. A bit of a drag. There was fog everywhere, as usual, it cleared up by 2:00pm.We were also in San Francisco for the Parkfield earthquake and watched the scary earthquake special on TV late at night. I forgot that it was the public holiday. How\’s the cycling it should be good in this pleasant weather. We are currently in Moore\’s Hotel next to a hall with someone like queensryche playing!! Fun eh!Post again soon.


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