VVV – Victoria, Vancouver, Victory

Victoria, I don’t recall if I have told you, is a very pretty city. It has about 400k people living there and has adopted a distinctly anti-hi-rise-development view of the world. They have instituted a 12 story limit on all buildings. Its small downtown is easy to get around and its parliament and other key buildings over look a gorgeous harbour. The trip to Vancouver on the ferry, passes truly picturesque scenery. The service is frequent and cheap.

Vancouver is now on the pre-olympics development binge, hi-rise apartments are being built everywhere. Nevertheless, especially in fall, Vancouver is pretty. I suspect it would be more stunning if it weren’t for the clouds that are partially obscuring the mountains. We will persist in the rain and visit Grouse Mountain today, and perhaps Richmond which is said to be one of the largest asian communities in North America.

Victory! At last I have Sting and Annie Lennox tickets for tonight! So, don’t worry I will be having fun! Even better, our Hotel is a short walk from the stadium.



  1. Anonymous · October 11, 2004

    Have you been to Stanley Park and are there any racoons still around there? They are cute as! (But don\’t touch – they may have rabies) This is from Sonya at the Library TTG. Sounds like you\’re having a ball!


  2. helen · October 13, 2004

    Great to hear from you Sonya :)Ye we went to Stanley Park (haven\’t been able to get to a terminal), but it was raining while we were in Vancouver… we had planned to cycle around the whole park. No Racoons. We did see lots of squirrels and walk to a lighthouse so I was happy. Wait until you read my next animal count.Hk


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