Animal count continued…

Current Status:

Squirrel = lots. In Stanley Park in Vancouver they were everywhere! Okay I know they are probably a pest – but they do look cute.

Black bear = 1

Elk = 5 at least. On the side of road from Crescent City to Bodega Bay – yes I was driving again.

Seal Lions = lots (too many along the West Coast – wait until I upload the photos!)

Elephant Seals = lots!

Deer = 10

Apparently the coast is also the place to see Orcas – however it is the wrong time of the year. As long as I get to see a Moose I think I will be happy. But please not while I am driving!


  1. Anonymous · October 9, 2004

    Had you been at home you may have been able to add;koalas = 2According to the Sunday Mail, two koalas, a mother and her baby, were strolling down Young Street (fortunately on the foothpath and not the road) where a local resident managed to take a photo before they escaped up a tree.L^2 + T (who is currently making it very hard to type)


  2. Kym · October 9, 2004

    I\’ve never seen a Koala in Parkside. But it would be good if we could add them to our animal count.


  3. helen · October 10, 2004

    The count increased today:Grizzley Bears = 2 Wolves = 3 (one was white)Deer = 12The first two are due to being at Grosse Mountain. We went even though it was very cloudy – even up there, and wet.


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