More gushing.

What I enjoy most about the Canadian Rockies is the sense of massive change. Visiting glaciers and appreciating how much they change over the years, and even in one season, to sculpt the landscape. The 93, icefields parkway, is as the brochure describes it, the most beautiful road in the world, at least that I have seen. While we have photos it is impossible to do justice to what was before us.

This morning we flew through the Rockies in a helicopter. If you think they look amazing from the ground, a helicopter adds a completely different perspective to it. We had a short stop off, which was in the middle of nowhere and a short walk. It was a great pleasure to be on our own, only with the helicopter pilot.

It is certainly an improvement over the “popular spots” even if the off-season they ar crowded with noisy tour buses. I can understand the desire to hike for days to get away from it. Some how the helicopter just seems easier!

We visited Lake Louise, and while the lake is beautiful, I am not convinced the hotel was a particularly good idea. Not to worry, there are plenty of other lakes without hotels on.

We have an easy drive into Calgary tomorrow.

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