Updated animal count…

Elk: 2. One was on the corner of a road on our way out of Jasper. Thankfully we didn’t have to give way to him, as he was not indicating. These are very large creatures and apparently it is “rut” season and people should not go near them! 🙂

Moose: 3. One was sitting in someone’s backyard – we saw this from the train. The other two were eating – also from our view from the train. Sorry no photo.

Bald Eagle: 1. Again this was viewed from the train. Pretty impressive take-off!

Mountain goats: 2. On the road from Jasper to the Icefield Parkway (we actually managed to take a photo of these – but given the limitations placed on patrons in the Banff Public Library it is unlikely that you will be able to see them for a couple of days).

Squirrels: lots more! They are too fast for me to get a photo.

Ravens: lots.

So far so good… will collect a total towards the end.

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