Hello From Time Square

Ahhhhhh, New York is so invigorating espescially after rural PEI.

We’re at EasyInternet in Time Square, I am hoping to pick up some tickets to a broadway production tonight! Hopefully they will be at the cheap booth.

We were also here last night, sometimes you wonder whether it is brighter during the night than it is during the day. You would also be pleased to know that Fox is using one of the giant display panels as a COUNTDOWN to the next series of the OC.

We saw Team America last night, South Park with wooden puppets a la Thunderbirds. It is really funny to see “models” of a place where you are seeing the film in the film.

We’ve been cheap and caught the Staten Island FREE! ferry and I’ve bought a new tie wardrobe from the Zagat Rate #1 Discount Stor in New York.

It is complete gunzel time in New York they are celebrating the 100 years of the Subway.

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