Plane flight from Adelaide to KL

How do you pass the time on a plane flight? On Malaysian Airlines you watch Bollywood films of course!!! After watching two films the flight was nearly over. I must admit the films were great. I watched Swades and another film that I can’t remember (but it didn’t have much dancing or singing at all). Food was okay too.

The flight itself only had two sections of turbulence. Of which I thought was going to be a lot worse based on what they said. The first section was crossing the bight, and the second was where the plane was over the sea just off Australia towards KL. Thankfully it was not too bad.

When we got to the airport, we had to catch a train to the terminal to collect our luggage – very bizzare. Then once collecting luggage you walk through customs (“just go through” waved on through), and you go into the arrival hall, where you are surrounded 280 degrees by people waiting for people, and at least 20+ drivers asking you if you want a taxi. Thankfully we had one ordered.

Once leaving the terminal it was sooo humid. But the driver offered us a cold towel, bottled water, and music. I am very grateful this was organised! The ride itself into the hotel took over 45 minutes.

Okay I know we have a 12+ hour flight to go tonight so I shouldn’t be too excited.

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