Report from KL

It is a muggy 32c here today. I am located in an internet business centre on the 1st floor of a budget hotel in area that I don’t actually know where it is on the map. But hey that’s the fun of a holiday.

For those of you who asked Helen not to take photographs of libraries, I am sorry to disappoint you but we have some already. I am sure Helen will fill you in on the details.

KL has been the heights of luxury for us. Greeted by 50 people eager to help at KLIA made finding the one ready to whisk us away in the Merceded Benz limo hard to find. Cool (read frozen) towels were appreciated given our sudden change from chilly Adelaide to the claustrophobic humidity.

Our hotel is in KLCC a modern set of shops, hotel, office and accomodation surrounding a large park area. KLCC is connected to the rest of KL by a modern driverless light rail system. But you could stay in KLCC without the need to visit the rest.

But we didn’t we visited KL town centre, the central market, china town (no I don’t need a new watch or the latest VCD!) admired the range of food and the intoxicating (usually nice) smells.

We ate in a curry house and were offered and accepted a range of interesting foods including the largest prawn I have seen. Our digestive systems are not yet suffering in adverse consequences. This great and cheap experience was followed up by a top notch dinner in our hotel. I could eat like this every day.

I am going to try to upload some photos now.


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