Transit in KL

This is a speed typing exercise. Chinese New Year meant that a lot of KL is closed, for another three days.

For fun, to while away the hours, we got a cab to Sunland Pyramid Shopping Centre. Of course, the only internet cafe there was closed because of CNY. Hence we are back at the hotel being executives in the executive business centre. Tres cher. We did do some big buying – two sets of goggles – we packed so light that we forget them! I can tell you we were very proud at the airport when our bags were well below the limit. I even spotaneously shared with the check in person my secrets…..

Our hotel is set amongst many beautiful hectares of garden, but it is not advisable to walk through them. You may get hit by a golf ball. The gesticulations of some of the golfers indicated that our presence WAS NOT WELCOME! Oh well, pity that because the lake did look rather nice.

Catching our free transfer in an hour. Can’t afford to type any more.

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  1. Feliciy & John · February 22, 2007

    Hi guys. You would be in Delhi by now. Hope you are not too stressed by th traffic, the crowds and sheer madness of it all. Remember it is important NOT to try to understand it! Just go with the flow or should I say flood.John\’s office was so moved by the pics of our visit to the community in Dehradun that they have organised a fund raising. Helen (the secretary from hell) won\’t accept anything less than $5 donations. Consequently she has raised more money which we would like to put into your bank account so that you can forward it to the address given.Hope you are enjoying the sightseeing in Delhi. The Gandhi/Nehru house is fascinating if you are interested in Indian history, The Qutb Minar and the Red Fort and the Jama Masjid mosque are a must. If you go shopping in Chadi Chowk beware of pickpocketsPlease note – I MAY have left out one line in the addressed envelope I gave you. Address should be : Molly Kuriakose, New Theological College, Kulhan PO,Sahstradhaa Road, Dehradun.Looking forward to hearing from you.LoveJohn (Hippy) and Felicity


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