Leaving for Delhi….

Currently sitting in a cafe in the KL airport – and surprisingly it has internet access at reasonable rates.

Thankfully the flight to Delhi is only 5+ hours…. On the way here I managed to watch the Mistress of Spices (missed the last 15 minutes due to sleep), Flushed away, and a 30 min Bollywood TV serial called Party (very odd – but very Indian!), and listened to 7 chapters of the book Holy Cow by Sarah MacDonald. Thankgoodness for in-flight entertainment!

Anyway have to go to the gate…. next post will be in Delhi 🙂


  1. John P · February 22, 2007

    Hi guys,I hope it\’s all going well for you. I need an email address to write to you. Thanks John P.


  2. Anonymous · February 22, 2007

    holiday at hmkdt.id.au


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