Amazing Delhi

Sorry no photos yet. Need to find a computer with reliable USB connection…. Will find one don’t worry!

If I could, I would show you some photos of the beautiful avenues that are in New Delhi. Tree lined streets that would put many a big-city to shame. The quiet relaxing parks, where you can hardly hear a horn, and the prim and proper Mughal gardens – part of the President’s house – so Two security checks and pat downs, a free paradise shared by many an Indian tourist! Sorry I can never upload a photo from this garden because no cameras are allowed.

The capital buildings and the layout of New Delhi is impressive and I certainly look forward to returning to see how Delhi develops this fundmanetally european city. The start is already present in Connaught Place with an increading number of boutique refitting these glourious old buildings. P.s. don’t ask about Helen’s shopping frenzy!!

Off to Agra tomorrow.

P.s. All is well on the health front and we’ve eaten lots of yummy food. Including Indian sweets shared by Parliamentary Library Assistants celebrating the installation of a new computer.

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