Lanes…. what are they for?

In Delhi… so far I am absolutely enjoying it!

After a short flight (no entertainment contained in the headrest in the seat in front), watching a bollywood movie (don’t ask me what teh title was I had a hard enough time reading the subtitles from the big screen)… we arrived in Delhi at 9:50pm on Wednesday evening.

Prior to going on this holiday, we read a lot of books about what it would be like, there were a few things that need correcting:

  • the queue for immigration for the “foreign passport holders” was as long as the line for those from India. No longer than what we have experienced in the US
  • Yes there is smog… but really its not that bad (unless we are just lucky). The smog results from people cooking and heating with coal/wood. Just like going for a walk around where we live in winter – just more intense!
  • Personal space – according to a number of the books read/listened to (even on the place!) personal space is practically non existent.. but I have found that it is no different to New York.

The drive from the airport to the YWCA was long… but amazing. People honk their horn a lot… it is even printed on the back of trucks “please honk horn”. Even as I sit here now I can hear horns being honked by the cars and auto-rickshaws on the road.

There are some lanes marked on the road.. but they really appear to have no meaning that I can see. The same goes for Zebra crossings… just take your chance and go!

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