Stop Lights Work Sometimes

Stop Lights Work Sometimes
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The model of orderly traffic here in Delhi. But really its not that bad provided you have that special blend of the devil may care attitude combined with hair trigger rection times.

We’ve managed cross a few of these roads unaided and lived to tell the tale. Caught an auto rickshaw to dinner, unaided. It’s the best ride you can have for a $1.00!

Although, the road to Agra was an education in peak hour traffic Indian style. Especially the overpacked rickshaws with employees on the way to work. A relaxing bike ride is possible and is certainly popular, provided you have the special combination.

The road to Agra is lined with gum trees. If California and India can plant them why can’t the State Government and the ACC line our streets with them?

Anyway – can’t do too much more because this internet connection is very slow.

Day two in India…

Breakfast at the Blue Triangle family hostel YWCA, consits of porridge, bread, egg omlette (which is egg done in a frypan), a ball that was spicy (apologises for not knowing the correct name), and tea. All of which was very filling, as a result meant that weren’t hungry until around 2pm.

Walking in Delhi…
We weren’t being met until 10:30am so we decided to go for a short walk from where we were staying. The streets are wide with large trees, and the roads are two lanes on each side (not that this makes much difference) . There are also pedestrian crossings, however you do take your own life in your hands when crossing the road. It is a case of look right and get to the centre before going any further. Thankfully we crossed when others were crossing, which made it a bit easier.

Visit to the Parliamentary Library…
A holiday is not complete without a visit to a Library. On this occassion we arranged to visit the Parliamentary Library. However, to even get beyond the entrance gate we had to get offical permission (thank-you Vini!) which consisted of paperwork & a letter outlining who we were, country, and why we wanted to visit.

Before were were allowed in, we sat in in a small building just near the entrance gate for about 20 minutes or so, while they chassed up the person who Vini had arranged the tour with (apparently he was not present – but had thankfully left the information with someone else!). After going through a second security gate and being patted down, we were finally in the building. The day that we were visiting was also the opening of India parliament, and the President was there for the official opening. After walking through a number of halls we got to the Library.

The Library was an amazingly light filled space – which covered a number of floors. The parliamentary Librarian showed us round for approximately 50 miutes. We went from floor to floor, and saw the MP’s reading room, special collections of the first PM and the collected works of Gandi, and storage areas. The items in the collection are for use by MP’s and their staff, although the staff use the library to get the information that the MP’s require. A few 100 people work at the rary in a variety of levels. They do have a library catclogue – but only for items after 1991. Everything else is on card catalogues. I would of loved to have taken photos – but alas cameras are not allowed in the building. We even saw the parliamentary debates from Australia – they have a recipricol arrangement with Canberra – we’ll send you ours if you send us yours.

While we were visiting the stacks the staff were celebrating the installation of a new computer and were eating sweets – we were also given a piece. However they only have two computers down there – we are very lucky! It was a great tour 🙂

Amazing Delhi

Sorry no photos yet. Need to find a computer with reliable USB connection…. Will find one don’t worry!

If I could, I would show you some photos of the beautiful avenues that are in New Delhi. Tree lined streets that would put many a big-city to shame. The quiet relaxing parks, where you can hardly hear a horn, and the prim and proper Mughal gardens – part of the President’s house – so Two security checks and pat downs, a free paradise shared by many an Indian tourist! Sorry I can never upload a photo from this garden because no cameras are allowed.

The capital buildings and the layout of New Delhi is impressive and I certainly look forward to returning to see how Delhi develops this fundmanetally european city. The start is already present in Connaught Place with an increading number of boutique refitting these glourious old buildings. P.s. don’t ask about Helen’s shopping frenzy!!

Off to Agra tomorrow.

P.s. All is well on the health front and we’ve eaten lots of yummy food. Including Indian sweets shared by Parliamentary Library Assistants celebrating the installation of a new computer.

Lanes…. what are they for?

In Delhi… so far I am absolutely enjoying it!

After a short flight (no entertainment contained in the headrest in the seat in front), watching a bollywood movie (don’t ask me what teh title was I had a hard enough time reading the subtitles from the big screen)… we arrived in Delhi at 9:50pm on Wednesday evening.

Prior to going on this holiday, we read a lot of books about what it would be like, there were a few things that need correcting:

  • the queue for immigration for the “foreign passport holders” was as long as the line for those from India. No longer than what we have experienced in the US
  • Yes there is smog… but really its not that bad (unless we are just lucky). The smog results from people cooking and heating with coal/wood. Just like going for a walk around where we live in winter – just more intense!
  • Personal space – according to a number of the books read/listened to (even on the place!) personal space is practically non existent.. but I have found that it is no different to New York.

The drive from the airport to the YWCA was long… but amazing. People honk their horn a lot… it is even printed on the back of trucks “please honk horn”. Even as I sit here now I can hear horns being honked by the cars and auto-rickshaws on the road.

There are some lanes marked on the road.. but they really appear to have no meaning that I can see. The same goes for Zebra crossings… just take your chance and go!