Coffee in a can…

Coffee in a can...
Coffee in a can…,
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When I first heard about coffee in a can from Belinda and Tim, I’ll admit that part of me was skeptical. Iced coffee in a can.. Yes I can accept.. But hot coffee…. Doesn’t seem logical really.

However, I am pleased to say that I am no longer skeptical. Once we cleared customs, collected our bag, picked up the mobile telephone, train tickets, and used the ATM, we came across our first vending machine while waiting for the train to Tokyo. 120yen later coffee in a can was purchased. The moment I touched the can it was hot – and it tasted great!

Okay I know it doesn’t replace my regular mocha… But as they say “when in Tokyo…”. We are only at the end of our first full day in Tokyo, and so far I’ve had two of these cans… How many can I make it before the end of the trip…? 🙂

– Helen

One comment

  1. Amethyst · March 26, 2008

    Sounds interesting Helen – esp the hot can. But I don\’t think it will compare to a good Mocha.I somehow am sure you\’ll have a few more coffee in a can.


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