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Well Kyoto has certainly been enjoyable and to celebrate our last full day it turned on blue skies and 18c. It was so good I could even wear the one T-shirt I brought with me.

To live up to the expectations of those you left back in Adelaide, Helen and I continue to do the peace signs in our photos. We’ve also, god forbid gone to Mc Donalds. T and B (and their relatives) advised that it was a better experience than that in Australia! It is true that even the small Maccas in Nara had, for some reason, a grand piano. Helen did have a prawn burger. We can advise that the food still has the same awful consistency and generally poor taste, although I reckon the lettuce is better here.

To continue with the things we promised to do. Helen and I have had our photo taken in a “Astro Boy” booth. We expected stickers but rather got lots of little photos! Reading Japanese would help us there! We’ll try again for a sticker machine!

We’re having some fine Kaseki food served to our room tonight and a final sleep on our futons (yeah!!!) I am looking forward to our western bed on our return.



  1. KS · April 5, 2008

    Astro Boy stickers,cool! But where are the pics of yummy food??? (Maccas and sundaes don\’t count as exotic foreign cuisine) Looking forward to some pics of complicated Iron-Chef style meals 🙂 Tuna market looked fascinating!


  2. Kym · April 5, 2008

    We\’ve been eating plenty of authentic Japanese cuisine, which she is uploading now.


  3. Anonymous · April 9, 2008

    Still stick by my comment that Maccas is better over there! :)Tim


  4. Kym · April 9, 2008

    I agree, the lettuce is less soggy than in Australia. But hey, I haven\’t eaten at Maccas for yonks.


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