Promise this is the last post!

Currently at Narita Airport. Our luggage together was 44.3.. my suitcase was lighter than Kym’s – yeah! 🙂

Using the internet machine near the gate…. an Australian guy gave us 100 yen each to use the machine. I only had Korean money 😦 Second time today I’ve tried to use Korean money.

I’ve had my fair share of international incidents, giving the wrong money, being on the wrong side of the escalator (did you know that Koreans drive on the opposite side of the road to us?), and telling a pushy Korean woman to go back to the end of the queue at customs coming back in Japan. I’d had enough of pushy people by then… was it going to get her through any quicker… no. The Japanese woman behind me appeared to approve 🙂

We’ve had our last Japanese meal… I had sushi and miso soup, and Kym had soba noodles.

See you all soon.

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